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What is your Cancellation Policy

Confirmation deposits are non-refundable.  When we book an artist for you, we hold that time and if cancelled they are left without work for that day.  There are only 2 days (Sat&Sun) a week our artist receive regular work each week and each booking is very important.  We do understand that kids get sick or other emergencies arise – so if you need to reschedule the party we will transfer your deposit as long as your new date is within 30 days of the original date.

50% of the remaining balance must be paid for events cancelled within 7 days of the event date. 100% of the remaining balance is due if cancelled within 72 hrs of the scheduled event. We do not offer refunds for bad weather so please have a back up location if your event is outdoors with no weather protection.

Can you provide more than one face painter / tattooist / balloon twister?

I can indeed source a team of face painters / tattooists / balloon twisters for your event. I have a group of colleagues in the local area, plus others who can travel for full day bookings, whom I can ask to attend your event as part of my team. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

What Areas do you Service for parties?

We book face paint and balloon twisting events all over the Bay Area in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay, South Bay, San Jose, Fremont, Redwood City, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Vallejo, Marin, Palo Alto, Pacifica, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Hollister, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Watsonville, Monterey, Carmel and more!


What types of parties do you offer?

We offer children parties- Balloon twisting, face painting, glitter tattoos, airbrush tattoos, clown entertainment, bubble shows, magic shows, and a mix of all of the above.  We also have a few themed events- Unicorn Parties & Superhero Parties


We also offer adult event entertainment for both families and corporate parties- face painting, UV painting, henna, airbrushing, body paint, tribal markings, balloons..  We also have our awesome Glitz and Glam station to Be Dazzled !  at including glitter of all kinds, gems, and face paint.


How far should I book an event in advance?

Depending on the season you should book 2 weeks - 1month in advance.  Often we also have last minute artists but it is good to secure your event entertainment early.


What happens if it rains?

I always encourage clients to have a back up plan for their event entertainment if it will be held outdoors.  We will still require full payment if cancelled less than a week ahead of time.

Do you have an age limit?

Yes. I will not paint children under 1 yrs of age and only willing partcipants. This is due to the sensitivity of young children's skin and other safety issues. I will only paint children who can sit still ON THEIR OWN or, if nervous, on their parents knee.  There is no upper age limit!

How many kids can you face paint per hour? How many balloon can you you twist?

On average 15 designs per hour (15 kids per hour ).  If requested we can choose simple designs to offer at your event and knock out about 20 designs per hour.


Are you insured? 

Yes. I hold insurance from Insure Bodywork covering me for face painting, temporary tattoos, and balloon twisting as do all of the artists I book. I can provide a copy of this to you upon request, at the time of booking.

What type of paints do you use? Is there a risk of allergies?

I use professional brands such as Superstar, TAG, Global and Wolfe. All paints and temporary tattoo components are manufactured for cosmetic use, and as such are safe for use on skin. Note however that some people will experience allergic reactions, it is advised for you to request a test patch to be carried out if you are at all unsure of any possible allergies. Allergies associated with glitter tattoos are linked to the adhesive used on the stencil (similar to medical plasters) and the glue used in application, this is rare but is possible.


Are there some people you won't face paint?

Yes, any child under the age of 1 years, plus anyone showing signs of possible skin infections or other medical problems that may pose the risk of cross infection to others or cause increased problems for the customer (such as with eczema or acne).

In these cases a painted design on the arm or a glitter tattoo will be offered instead. This is to help minimize the possibility of cross-infection to other clients and to avoid causing further distress and discomfort to the person being painted.

Are there any limitations to glitter tattoos?

Yes. I will not usually apply a tattoo to anyone under the age of 2 years. I cannot apply them anywhere on the face or head for safety reasons.

Aren't glitter tattoos messy to apply?

Yes, a little, due to the glitter. Any glitter on the floors/furniture will vacuum up. If this will be a problem please ensure there is an area available that you do not mind getting a bit glittery.

How do I remove the paint? How do I remove a glitter tattoo?

To remove face paints simply use good old soap and water, and a towel or sponge! 

Glitter tattoos can be removed using 'rubbing' alcohol or baby oil, or by soaking in warm water to soften the glue and gently rubbing to remove. 

Will you work outdoors?

Yes I will, but it is your responsibility to provide suitable shelter from rain and shade from the sun, to protect myself and my equipment. I retain the right to refuse to work if you have not provided the shelter/shade as detailed on my booking form. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact me to discuss. Please indicate indoors/outdoors and shelter provision on the booking form.

Do you provide your own tables/chairs?

I can provide my own, if required, with advanced notice. If you can provide 2 chairs and a table for my use that would be great. Please indicate requirements on the booking form.

Can we book you for both face painting AND balloons or glitter tattoos?

Yes, but be aware that time may be an issue, particularly if you wish for guests to have both face paint and another service. I would normally suggest giving guests the choice of either face painting or another service, not both. Please ensure you have booked enough time for me to do both if required.  Additional artists can be booked to provide more services.

Can you do balloon twisting?


Do you do charity work or pay-per-face (PPF) bookings?

I will choose to work with a few charities each year, please do not be offended if you ask and I refuse. I still need to be able to accept secure, paid bookings so I can pay my bills. :o)

I can offer several booking options for charity and fundraising cases or other public events which can include:

  • being paid my hourly rate and charging the public to recoup costs for you (you will keep all monies taken) - this is preferable to me as I still cover all my costs whilst you earn back what you have paid to hire me, and hopefully a little extra for your chosen charity. Also having a face painter attend helps to draw in the crowds;

  • being paid a small retainer fee to cover basic costs then charging the public and donating a percentage to your chosen charity;

  • working on a PPF basis where I set a charge for the public and then donate a percentage back to you or keep full takings myself depending on the type of event and prior arrangements.

Please note I very rarely pay a pitch fee to attend events. Face painting and tattoos are a huge draw to events and it is beneficial for the organizers to be able to advertise their event with having a face painter attending. Having a face painter will undoubtedly increase your footfall, we regularly have large queues and are popular with all ages, this brings more business in for me and for you.

Do you do Halloween or Day of the Dead Face Paint?

Most definetly! We do!  I specialize in latex and character paint for Halloween and love a good challenge.  Please book far in advance.  Day of the Dead we are available for family event, restaurants and outdoor festivals!

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