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We offer many colorful services for your event entertainment and are always learning more. Please don't hestitate to make a request or ask a question if you do not see what you are looking for.  Also, all of these services and offerings can be geared towards any age group, gender or professionalism. Just Ask!

Many clients request multiple Services during there event- Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and Glitter Tattoos can all be booked at the same event! 

We offer combo packages for parties which include 2-3 different services of your choice performed by one or multiple artists. All of the artists that we work with can create simple designs for events with many people and more complex designs for more boutique events.  We often add new services each year, please inquire if you do not see what you are looking for.

Face Painting

Professional quality designs. Perfect for boys and girls, children and adults! ALL AGES!

I will bring a portfolio of popular stylish designs to choose from that will appeal to all ages. If your party has a special theme, like My Little Pony, Frozen Princess, Unicorns, Rainbows, Star Wars, or anything your heart desires, let me know and I will offer designs to go along with your theme!

  • *Small party:  12 faces or less. (about an hour)

  • *Medium party: 13-18 faces. (about 90 Minutes)

  • *Large party:  Up to 25 faces.  (about 2 hours)

2hr Minimum @ Please inquire for 2023 rates


I only use high quality professional face paint which can last for up to 1 day and washes away easily with baby wipes or soap and water

Balloon Twisting

Balloon animals are a favorite with kids, and they make any party or event come to life! 

Many designs from small to large are possible with balloons from ninjas to flowers and unicorns hats.  Interactive and creative, balloons can be appreciated by all ages.  Complexity of the creations is based upon your time allotment as well as number of guests.  Balloon art can range from 1 balloon creations to wearable art of 5-8 BALLOONS.

Basic Balloons (1-3 Balloon per design)

  • *Small party:  12 guests or less (about an hour)

  • *Medium party: 13-18 guests (about 90 Minutes)

  • *Large party:  Up to 25 guests.  (about 2 hours)

Advanced Balloons (3-8 Balloon per design)

  • *2 Hour Minimum Booking Time (Please contact me for an estimate)  

2hr Minimum @ Please inquire for 2023 rates

Glitter Tattoos

I Love Glitter Tattoos! They have so much sparkle and flair ​and come in designs for all ages & genders!

Glitter Tattoos are waterproof and will last up to 7 days or can be removed the same day! They will last through swimming and showering! I offer a variety of stencil designs perfect for all ages, especially small children who can not sit still for face painting. Teens and adults love glitter tattoos too! In fact, most older kids and adults will choose a longer lasting waterproof glitter tattoo over face painting if there is a choice. 

An Awesome Choice At Any Party!

2hr Minimum @ Please inquire for 2023 rates


To keep it looking good, do not scratch it or rub it with a towel. To remove your glitter tattoo: Soak skin area in warm water or bath. Rub off the remaining tattoo easily in the warm water Or use olive oil, baby oil or rubbing alcohol to break up and remove the remaining glitter tattoo.

Face Paint
Balloon Twisting
Glitter Tattoos
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